How to Choose TeleMedicine Recruiters in California

How to Choose TeleMedicine Recruiters in California

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The Things To Look For When Choosing a TeleMedicine Staffing Company in California

When looking for a physician recruiter in California there are some things you should keep in mind. Physician recruiters should be well versed in specific recruiting activities including client management, documentation, sourcing, marketing and retention. Reliable physician recruiters work efficiently with consistent processes to find and place the best candidates.

Finding good candidates who are dedicated to patient-centered care can be challenging. A good physician recruiter, not only finds great candidates for hospitals, but should also match the candidate to hospitals that offer great benefits and practice the following retention strategies: 

1. Provide the candidate with a detailed description of the program. This includes a detailed description of the medical group, the structure of the hospital’s program and the discipline for quality in the program.

2. Identify the candidate’s short and long term goals. High rates of turnovers and shortages of health professionals contribute to increased pressure on recruitment and retention of quality prospects. The physician recruiter should determine if the candidate is committed for the long haul.

3. Schedule manageable workloads. Avoiding burnout by making sure that the candidate has a manageable workload is crucial for quality of service and retention. Depending on the hospital’s culture and the candidate’s discipline, they should be able to handle 14 to 17 patients per day.

4. Work-life balance and paid time off. Having a good work-life balance is essential for the candidate’s productivity. Many physicians can work 12 hours per day, however, they should be able to work less than 12 hours on certain days. Being able to go home a little earlier and having time to wrap up the work day is essential for the work-life balance. When a hospital implements staggered shifts to provide overlap in coverage, this allows for smooth operation during rush hours without overwhelming the candidate.

The physician recruiter should understand a hospital’s benefits package which should include ample paid time off. Increased vacation time is not only appreciated, but necessary to avoid burnout, excellent patient care, and physician retention.

5. Allow physician autonomy. Physicians should be able to exercise autonomy in what they do. This creates respect, transparency in the workplace, and maintains focus creating an atmosphere of excellent patient care and physician retention.

Healthcare staffing shortages should be one less thing hospital’s worry about. The right physician staffing agency is crucial in fulfilling expectations and providing streamlined operations for hospitals. When looking for the right physician staffing in California MDstaffers is the top-notch choice. 

Whether you’re a healthcare organization or a healthcare practitioner, MDstaffers can find the right match for your needs and your skills. MDstaffers, was named as the 49th fastest growing company in the United States by Inc. magazine. The reason why this is important to mention is because numerous physicians are discovering the ease at which MDstaffers are dedicated to matching the right physicians to the right opportunity.