We Provide…

Entrepreneurial Consulting, Support, and Solutions

MDstaffers works with physician and healthcare entrepreneurs nationally to vet their ideas, offer advice during critical implementation and operational phases, and to provide staffing and flexible payroll financing to implement their vision.

MDstaffers commitment to innovation and to assisting promising healthcare entrepreneurial organizations makes us the partner of choice for new healthcare endeavors around the country. Additionally, MDstaffers’ breadth of experience across the healthcare spectrum gives us a keen ability to generate and balance ideas from various perspectives.

Our Advantage…

Entrepreneurial acumen, huge networks across healthcare and business channels, and vast resources.

We understand that entrepreneurs’ needs, budgets, and schedules vary, we have the flexibility to meet those needs through our Healthcare Entrepreneur Support Services (MDadvisors ).

  • Permanent Staffing. We work with organizations to establish marketing and recruiting plans to identify and hire exceptional healthcare leaders, physicians, and advanced practitioners of all specialties, subspecialties, and interests.
  • Contracted Staffing. In many cases, newer organizations lack the requisite structure and/or are unable to afford to hire permanent staff. MDstaffers can provide contracted staff for long-term assignments—both for continuous or intermittent needs.
  • Temporary or Start-up Staffing. MDstaffers has a vast bench of highly-trained and experienced temporary staff to draw upon and fill your needs quickly. This is a great way to “try before you buy” to ensure the staff are a good fit for your enterprise. It’s also a great way to defer some of the payroll costs incurred during organizational or service-line start-up. MDstaffers always provides a cost-effective means to convert staff to permanent placement when the need becomes continuous and there is a great match.
  • Business Strategy Development. MDstaffers has a well-developed market understanding through ongoing relationships with healthcare organizations across the country. We have significant expertise in developing marketing channels, pricing strategies, volume/demand projections, and resource needs.

Some Examples of MDstaffers’ Health Entrepreneur Success Stories

We serve a diverse range of entrepreneurial entities and endeavors, and provide three illustrative examples below:

A start-up telemedicine urgent care had an urgent need for mental health and primary care physicians across the country for its newly-inked national clients. MDstaffers tapped its vast network to fill urgent positions within weeks. Through our ongoing collaboration and coordination with the client, the client was able to improve its billing and payment practices resulting in significant time savings and improved cash-flow.

A regenerative medicine practice needed to expand to accommodate demand, but lacked the skilled workforce. MDstaffers helped the client expand to six statewide locations and provided the clinicians to accommodate their growth. MDstaffers solely provided dozens of exceptional candidates ranging from primary care physicians and advanced practitioners, to pain medicine physicians, and orthopedic surgeons to fuel the expansion and provided flexible payment terms to even out cash-flow fluctuations.

A virtual critical care company needed dozens of physicians and advanced practitioners to fuel its national expansion. MDstaffers not only provided staff as needed, but also assisted in improving onboarding, training, scheduling, and compliance practices with the client, while providing financing for the significant increases in payroll costs.

MDstaffers – Experienced and Valuable Partner

MDstaffers team has decades of experience as successful entrepreneurs, healthcare and business executives for companies of all sizes, and nationwide networkers, marketers, and thought-leaders. A summary of our competencies include:

Active Corporate Social Responsibility: We pride ourselves in our diversity, our treatment of others, community focus, and environmental impact. For example, we have measures and policies in place to reduce energy use and to foster a paperless workplace, we have actively sought out veterans as employees, and have diverse staff that is representative of the markets we serve. We give back when we can and support various charitable organizations.

Business Platform: MDstaffers can help build a business operation that works seamlessly and complies with relevant standards and mandates. Without a solid business platform, an organization will surely fail. Our principals have decades of experience in hundreds of successful entities—as owners, executives, directors, employees, and consultants—so we can help design the right platform for your needs.

User Experience and Protection: MDstaffers has strong IT expertise and can assist our partners in ensuring their technology meets the latest user and compliance standards.

Experience that counts: Our leadership team has many examples of proven entrepreneurial success—both with their own companies and as consultants, as well as with MDstaffers’ clients and partners.

Sound Ethics: Ethics is a cornerstone and core value for all MDstaffers personnel. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in all our work; ethics is one of our non-negotiable values. We insist that all our network partners adhere to the highest ethical standards.

Want to know more about MDadvisors?

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Telephone: 866-907-8233


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