Executive Search (informally headhunting) is a specialized recruitment service that MDstaffers provides. Executive Search is used to source candidates for senior, executive or other highly specialized positions in organizations- such as: Chief Medical Officer, Medical Director, and Chief Executive Officer. 

We Provide…

Our expert staff find individuals that might be interested in moving to a new employer in a permanent position. We conduct initial screenings of the candidate, facilitate interviews and meetings, and assist with negotiations on remuneration, terms of employment, and onboarding.

MDstaffers’ approach includes:

  • Automated and manual matching of your candidate needs to our internal proprietary database of thousands of prescreened executives who may be interested in your opportunity
  • Posting your need to hundreds of healthcare job boards and websites nationally
  • Repeated, targeted multi-channel exposure of your opening using email, text, social media, our website, and advanced active and passive electronic communications
  • A national search and outreach to candidates that meet your qualifications
  • Tapping in to our vast referral network to identify exceptional prospects
  • Thorough vetting of each candidate by one of our experienced professional recruiters to ensure they meet your exclusive needs
  • An assigned account manager to serve as the single point of contact to assist throughout the entire process – from interviews to onboarding

If you anticipate an upcoming executive staffing need, please contact MDstaffers at (866) 90-STAFF or info@mdstaffers.com.

Our Advantage…

MDstaffers and MDexperts each have huge networks of executives from around the country that can be tapped to find executives interested in hearing about your opportunity.

Quality. We work hard to understand your specific needs, desires, and culture. All potential candidates are selected and screened by our own internal expert recruiters and are vetted by each client’s individual account manager with your specific goals in mind. We tailor the way we work with you to meet your exact needs.  

Results. With our robust national network, we frequently have candidates ready to interview right away and, in many cases, can unveil multiple candidates for each position. Our expert staff and breadth of opportunities make us a top choice for many healthcare executives throughout the nation.  

Practical. Our efficiency and fully automated process keep our costs in check. As a result, our fees are 25 to 50 percent lower than other large firms.

Guaranteed. We take the risk out of using a placement firm. In the rare case where an MDstaffers placement does not work out, we will work hard to replace them…quickly and for free.


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