Successfully placing healthcare professionals since 2010.

Permanent Placement

Long-term solutions require the highest standard of processing. To be able to provide you the best candidates for the job, our recruitment team identifies qualified healthcare professionals suited to the needs of your healthcare facility.

Locum Tenens

What is Locum Tenens? Locum tenens is a Latin phrase that means “to hold the place of, to substitute for.” Simply, Locum Tenens is a practice of using temporary physicians to fill the care needs of a facility. It provides a flexible schedule and a wide array of options for those who want to gain more experience in various clinical settings. Today, thousands of physicians are locum tenens and recognize the practice as a means to help elevate their career to the next level.

Our team can help practitioners get started or explain how locum tenens can help address your facility needs.


MDstaffers specializes in providing permanent and temporary providers to various hospitals, clinics, and other facilities.


MDstaffers strives to provide excellence in healthcare staffing and recruitment. Think of us as another member of your team. With our excellent recruitment staff, we understand the pressure of hiring the right person for the position.

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